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Special Thanks To Our Supporters:
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the University of Central Florida
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Upcoming Events

  • Aviation Design Professional Presentations (all members welcome to attend). 6:30pm in HEC 101

    - Friday, Nov 20th ​​​​​​
    - Tuesday, Nov. 24th​

  • ​11/5 Meeting Slides: CLICK HERE

    ​Be sure to sign up for our Weekly Launch (newsletter) for the most up to ​​date information about the club​!
  • Learn more about the great projects and workshops AIAA offers its members. Many will be starting soon!​
  • Want to be more involved in AIAA? Take part in our Outreach Events!   Sign ups available in the events section.
News and Recent Events

​​​Interested students can become a member at any meeting/event, or TODAY in our office in engineering 1- 146.

​Learn more about becoming a
​ National AIAA member.

​​​2011 - 2012
Jose Castillo
Officer of the Year​​

​​​2012 - 2013

Organization of the Year​

​​​2013 - 2014
Aviation Design
Best Event of the Year​​