AIAA UCF's vision is to address the academic and professional needs and interests of the UCF engineering student and to help advance their transition into industry.

     AIAA UCF is committed to providing members ample opportunity to enrich their experience at UCF. This will encompass workshops, lectures, tours, various miscellaneous events, and general meetings. Members are always welcomed and encouraged to bring forth ideas they feel will help enhance AIAA UCF.

  About Us

     To introduce ourselves, we are the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics at UCF. We are a student chapter of AIAA which is the world's largest technical society dedicated to the global aerospace profession. AIAA also has a local professional chapter known as the AIAA Central Florida section with which we coordinate frequently. For reference, we (AIAA UCF) are the sole content creators and owner of this website. To provide clarity, we refer to ourselves most often as AIAA and will refer to the national organization as AIAA National and the local professional section as AIAA Central Florida.

     Here at UCF, our student section is one of the largest registered student organizations on campus at nearly 400 dues-paying members last year. We are also one of the most active student organizations and have received many awards including UCF Student Organization of the Year ('12-'13), UCF Small Event of the Year (Aviation Design, '13-'14), and UCF RSO Officer of the Year for Jose Castillo ('11-'12 President). We are primarily comprised of students majoring in Aerospace, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering alongside Computer Science, but we welcome any active students at UCF and have many great programs that can benefit most students.

     AIAA UCF's main activities include general meetings, build projects, social activities, community STEM outreach, tours, workshops, and guest speakers. While we typically only hold 3 or 4 general meetings a semester, we usually have at least one event each week. A great way to stay informed about these events is our Weekly Launch newsletter, and we encourage anyone to sign up for its mailing list at the link on the top of the page. More information about each ongoing and upcoming event, project, or workshop can be found on this site, or on our Facebook page (linked at the top and bottom of the site). If you have any additional questions, the club email account, as well as contact information for our officers can be found on the "contact us" page.


2011-2012 Officer of the Year

José Castillo

2012-2013 Organization of the Year



     Our constitution can be found by clicking here. You can also find the constitution on our Knight Connect page, as well as other important forms.

2016-2017 Best Event for a Large Group

AIAA Aviation Design Competition

2013-2014 Best Event of the Year Small Group

AIAA Aviation Design Competition

2015-2016 Most Involved Organization