Hovercraft Design

​​​ Small teams of 3-5 participants will sketch, build and race fan powered hovercrafts. Designed and built hovercrafts are to go through a series of races to test speed and control. All materials, including high powered fan and electronics, will be provided for use


     Initial design workshops will be held where participants will be familiarized with the concept of hovercraft design and competition rules. Participants will then form teams and be advised through creating an initial design of their hovercraft.


     Teams will have access to the AIAA UCF engineering lab and various materials needed. Hands on advising will provided to all teams during the build process.​


     Race day will be tournament style with a series of three races (Drag Race, Figure 8 Race, Elimination) and have a score based ranking system for all three races at the end of the competition.

Meeting Times:

Leader Info:UCF.aiaa+hovercraft@gmail.com​​