Luis Gonzalez

     AIAA at UCF truly embodies the slogan of turning students in to engineers. As a member of the club for two years and as the Quadcopter Design Project lead for three semesters, I have learned many new skills along with how to apply them to various engineering projects and challenges.

     AIAA still has the potential to do more; and to do so we can add new aspects to current projects and create shorter but accelerated projects. Along with providing new workshops like soldering and 3D Printing. Learning all these new skills is great but even greater is putting these skills on display for others to see by entering national and local competitions. Quadcopter design teams can compete against actual carbon fiber quads at local races and rocket design teams can compete to see how their rockets stack up against rockets from other colleges. This will give new and returning members something more to strive and work towards. These are only some examples of the new things this club is more than capable of doing; I am very certain this is achievable and will do everything possible to give AIAA members all of these opportunities and more.

for Chairman