STEM Day is an event at UCF that allows children in primary school to gain an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields. AIAA UCF participates in STEM Day through several events, like creating mini-hovercrafts and airfoils, and even riding a life-sized hovercraft! STEM Day is typically held once a semester.

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Engineering Week

     As the name implies, Engineering Week (E-Week) is an entire week that celebrates the impact of engineering in our lives by showcasing engineering projects. One of AIAA UCF's contributions to E-Week is running our very own jet engine!

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Day of Caring

     Once every year, Lockheed Martin holds a Day of Caring, where LM employees, alongside their families and friends, help the local Central Florida community by taking on large impact projects, such as renovating a Veteran's Affairs Clinic (LM's 2016 Day of Caring). They, of course, invite clubs to help out, and AIAA UCF is more than willing to join! Make sure to come to the next Day of Caring!

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Sun n' Fun

Held every April, Sun n' Fun is a week long event where anyone can appreciate the joys of aviation. Events include looking at jets such as the F-35 Lightning II and even watching the Blue Angels or Thunderbirds perform! The best part of the event; you can fly in!

Next Sun n' Fun: April 2018