Research and Design Papers

Design Competitions

     Teams of students are presented with simulated real-world problems in several areas of aerospace research. The undergraduates are to write a proposal with their solution to the posed prompt, usually design driven. That includes doing research on the subject, coming up with a hypothetical model, and present it in written form to a panel of AIAA professionals.

     The competitions for this year are: 1) Light Business Jet Family; 2) Next Generation Single-Engine Turboprop Aircraft; 3) Exploration Mission Enabled by Space Launch System; 4) Manned Mars Orbital Mission Design. For more information about each competition, please visit the AIAA site.

     For questions or inquiries, please email Alexander Bazzi, Research Lead of AIAA at UCF, at

AIAA Regional Student Conference

     AIAA at UCF will compete at the AIAA Region II Student Conference with teams of undergraduates conducting research in materials science and aerodynamic flow control. For a complete description of the conference and paper rules, please visit the AIAA Region II Portal.

     Sign-ups for the year have been closed for the conference papers, but we are still accepting students for the design competitions down below.