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Constitution Ratification

How to Participate in Today's Meeting

  • When the president asks “Is there any discussion”, raise your hand to take the floor.

  • Once called on by the president, you have the floor. You can talk, ask questions, or propose a change.

    • Do not talk if you do not have the floor. Always raise your hand to obtain the floor.

    • Discussion should only be related to the motion on the floor

    • Avoid asking questions to any one person specifically. Ask your question to the group, and anyone who can answer will raise their hand to take the floor after you to answer.

  • If you want to propose a change while you have the floor, say “Move to amend Article [X] Section [X] to say [XXX]”

    • You need at least one person to second your motion for that to be the topic on the floor.

  • If you don’t understand what you need to say to do something, say “point of parlimentary inquiry” to ask a question about the process

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