Rocket League is a team-based engineering competition open to students of all majors and grades. The goal of the project is to teach sound engineering practices to participants by having them design, build and launch a mid-power amateur rocket. Rockets are designed using predetermined constraints on parameters such as stability and mass, as well as meeting certain competition challenges (maximum altitude, payload protection, etc.), and of course all necessary safety regulations. 

 Throughout the project, participants will communicate and collaborate with each other to complete a task that meets assigned requirements. In this way, Rocket League teaches students vital professional skills that will serve them well in their future careers. This exemplifies AIAA UCF’s mission statement: Turning Students into Engineers.


  • Learn to model rocket components using SOLIDWORKS.

  • Use simulation software to encourage an iterative process.

  • Learn aerodynamic fundamentals of high-performance rockets.

  • Learn to work within real-world constraints like assigned or limited materials.

  • Learn to innovate and optimize designs for maximum performance.

  • Gain hands-on building experience in a shop environment.

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    Virtual meetings T/Th 6:30pm - 7:30pm

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