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Becoming a member is easy--all you need to do is pay our annual $25.00 membership fee, which is our only requirement to participate in AIAA UCF projects.

(All collected membership fees and item sales directly support our projects and events, so thanks in advance for your contribution!)

Note: Shirts are currently only available for local pickup. Shipping may be added in the future with enough interest if it is feasible.

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Annual Membership + AIAA UCF Polo

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$5.00 OFF

  • Clean and Professional
  • Port Authority
  • Embroidered Logo

Note: Purchases made cannot be refunded or delivered, if you do not pick up your order within 30 days of the purchase date (Effective from May 01st, 2022). The image depicted is a mock-up. The actual color may be lighter or darker and the image may be in a slightly different location. Contact E-Board for arranging pick-ups and more details. Also, certain designs and sizes are limited in supply, there is no guarantee of availability if you have not pre-ordered or ordered online. All the prices are including taxes and charges, AIAA UCF No longer uses PayPal, Payments made to PayPal will not be refunded or considered as payments, contact AIAA Treasurer regarding payments and transactions with the AIAA Store.

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