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Aviation Design gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and practice with aircraft design, construction, and test flying. Club members work in teams to design a remote-controlled aircraft in order to compete in an AIAA competition.


​​This project is encouraged for mechanical and aerospace majors, and is a great learning experience for new members and students from freshmen to seniors. Aviation Design begins each Fall and lasts until the end of Spring.

This project has club members team up in order to build a model rocket. The rocket is designed using basic rocketry equations and computer aided design programs.


This project runs every semester and is open to any majors and years as it is a great learning experience.


As the future draws closer to the present, drones are becoming more prevalent in society. Learning the basics in how to design and build a drone can give you a head-start in the industry. This project's focus is on building racing drones to speed through a race track at 60 mph. If you have some CAD experience and a desire to test your skills in this rapidly advancing field, grab your rotors and fly with us.

Members compete in teams to design and build a remote controlled hovercraft using the materials provided. At the end of a three-to four-week build period, they will compete in a race against the other teams.


This project is done in cooperation with members from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers at UCF, and is planned to take place each semester. ​​This project is open to all majors and years, and is a great learning experience for members.

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