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Aviation Design is a project in which student participants work together in teams to design, build, and fly a remote controlled airplane. The project culminates in a competition comprised of predefined missions to be completed by teams using their completed aircraft. In these missions, each team’s airplane will attempt to fly the shortest time around a course with and without a payload. Prior to design fabrication, each team will present their completed designs to industry professionals from the AIAA Central Florida Section. Aviation Design provides its participants with the information and direction to develop and enhance many CAD, planning, communication and fabrication skills commonly used in the engineering industry. This project promotes team work, critical thinking, and technical skills to be used throughout the project. Aviation Design provides with the means to successfully design and fabricate a remote controlled aircraft without prior experience.

Participants will...

  • Research and develop their own designs with their group

  • Be taught key aspects of aircraft design 

  • Learn and apply the basics of Solidworks and some of its special features
  • Utilize software like XFLR5 to analyze the aerodynamics of their design
  • Gain hands-on workshop experience  
  • Work with electronics to properly wire their design
  • Compete in a competition with themed missions

Meeting Days:

    Mondays 5:00-6:20 PM in BA1 O121

    Tuesdays 6:00-7:20 PM in ENG1 O383

Fly Day:


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