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AIAA UCF Workshops

SOLIDWORKS is a powerful design tool for any aspiring engineer to learn with applications relevant to both academic and professional careers. SOLIDWORKS, and most CAD software, may seem difficult to learn if entering with the unfamiliar mindset or understanding of how the computer generates 3d models, but become much easier to learn once some basic concepts are learned.

AIAA UCF offers workshops geared toward expanding members' skill sets to both build resumes and create a more well-rounded engineer.

Currently  the Solidworks and STK workshops are available. STK is available as a library style workshop. Members can access previous videos and work at their own pace. Solidworks is held in-person with members respective projects or in conjunction with the SSLP (Solidworks Student Leadership Program).

Systems Tool Kit (STK) is a software that allows users to develop and analyze complex, real-world scenarios. With this software, ground, sea, air, and space situations can be simulated and studied with high accuracy. Numerous agencies and companies utilize this software for their missions and projects. 

The goal at AIAA UCF is to get members level one certified. After this, members can pursue higher levels of certification for benefit in their professional careers.


Interested in accessing one of these classes?
Please reach out to one of our officers or E-Board members.

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