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Quadcopter Design Competition

The Quadcopter Design Project teaches teams the flight dynamics, design principles, and construction techniques associated with quadcopters. Students are walked through all the necessary steps to create and fly a quadcopter and a classroom style lecture and presentation series. Participants learn the basics of SOLIDWORKS and how to perform a stress analysis both by hand and using software simulations. Students use these stress calculations and analysis to revise their designs prior to project fabrication. All project participants are encouraged to learn how to fly first person quadcopters during this project to foster a sense of the effects of design choices. Each team’s quadcopter will be evaluated based on performance to determine which team created the best design. By the end of the project, participants will have the knowledge needed to design, build, tune, and fly their quad.

Participants will...

  • Learn about quadcopter construction and flight principles.

  • Design and analyze a frame using SOLIDWORKS.

  • Use lab equipment, including a laser cutter, to fabricate their design.

  • Mount and test all electronics (provided by AIAA UCF).

  • Configure their quadcopter using Betaflight and tune it.

  • Race their quadcopters against each other.


Meeting Days:

    Tuesdays 5:30-6:50 PM in MSB 0405

Competition Day:


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